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'Age is an Issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it does not matter' – Mark Twain

According to the tenable conclusions inferred by the experts of gerontology, the senior citizens are the epitome of cognitive maturity,
who by dint of their reflective mentality, panoramic experience and intensive acumen, are capable of extending magnanimous contribution towards the betterment of the society.



SAIL Retired Officers' Association (SROA) may be deemed as the paragon of the latest view of gerontology. A band of officers retiring from Steel Authority of India Limited, have joined hands to crystallize a colossal platform which allows seamless exchange of knowledge, thought, views, opinion leading to the emergence of a collective intellectual force.

SROA has turned up as a prodigious conglomerate, encapsulating significant number of officers retiring from SAIL, as its institutional members. The conglomerate has adopted a two-fold agenda. At one end mutual support and cooperation are getting extended by the members towards each other, with the intent of fostering their viability and ensuring their well–being. At the other end SROA is being driven by the benevolent objective of delivering knowledge-based and skill-based contribution towards the broader society, enabling the latter to gain greater momentum in spearheading it through the higher trajectories of growth and prosperit/br>

Age may be decaying factor from the physiological perspective. But it is a reinforcing factor from the psychic perspective. SROA is a glowing instance of this concept. As a paragon of paramount vibrancy, SROA is moving forward in a frenetic pace with invincible conviction and soaring aspirations


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