Enrolment Procedure

Option 1:

Download Membership Form

  1. Please download the form in your local PC or laptop by pressing the above button, take a print copy and carefully fill-up all the fields including the mandatory fields market with asterisk (*) sign. Then deposit the filled-up form in the office of the General Secretary as indicated below to complete payment formalities, if any –
    Mr Kisalay Mitra
    General Secretary
    32/5, Gariahat Road (South)
    Kolkata - 700 031
    Phone: 91-9830317364
    Email: mitrakisalay@gmail.com
  2. Please obtain your provisonal userid and password from office of the General Secretary and start your involvement with the website sitting in the comfort of your home.
  3. Please change your default password on entering in to the system first time or at a suitable time of your choice.
  4. You are urgently requested to have your own e-mailid as most of your future communications will be through that route.
  5. Life Members ship Fee to Rs 5000/-

Option 2:

  1. On pressing the above button an on-line format of membership form will in front of you.
  2. Please enter your details on-line strictly as per the format and press submit button.
  3. On pressing the Submit button, if everything is ok, you will be prompted with a message on successful registration .Please obtain your provisonal userid and password from office of the General Secretary.
  4. Please complete the payment formalities, if pending, by contacting the office of the General Secretary indicated above.

SROA wishes all its esteemed members a very happy and enjoyable time with the website.

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